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SoftBank Brings a Sky-High Level to Modern Samurai Sword Fight

A cross between traditional way of Samurai with a techy twist

Tokyo, Japan (April 20, 2018) – Incorporating the traditional katana swordfight with a jet pack, SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) introduced a creative breakthrough through its latest promotional campaign ‘Smartphone Junior High School’. The video scored over 12 million views over the previous week in Japan.


[youtube id=”aLAylZFSn9M” width=”620″ height=”360″]


As one of the technology-related lectures from the school-themed campaign, a video captured two samurai hovering with a jet pack while crossing swords at each other. After rounds of intense dueling, one samurai was defeated, and the fight ended in an old-fashioned, samurai-style finishing move.

The mastermind behind this video game/anime-like duel was Shota Mori, an up-and-coming video director who contributes to many popular commercials and projects in Japan. Mori is also the content creator of the viral “quick draw iPhone system” video first shown in 2012.


Besides “Jet Samurai”, the campaign also collaborates with various artists, creators and musicians and appoints them as the lecturers for different school lessons. Toshio Suzuki, an anime producer from Studio Ghibli, took the role of lecturer and talked about his experience working along with the legendary anime master, Hayao Miyazaki.


Toshio Suzuki- The Talent of Memory Part1:

Toshio Suzuki- The Talent of Memory Part2:


About SoftBank’s campaign ‘Smartphone Junior High School’

SoftBank’s campaign ‘Smartphone Junior High School’, ( is the latest online content campaign to encourage students to learn from different fields outside of school. The concept is to create an interesting yet educational platform for young people on their own smartphone. The campaign is optimized for smartphones, meaning most videos from this campaign are shot vertically for daily smartphone usage.




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