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AR app “Chamoji” mimicks your facial expression on iPhone X – BG BRIDAL GALLERY PTE LTD (Head office: Singapore) launches AR app “Chamoji” using TrueDepth camera system on iPhone X.

A talking dragon. A funny goat. A witty ox. A talkative rooster. A singing pig. These are some of the things that you can expect to see and experience with Chamoji.

Combining the words “character” and “emoji”, Chamoji was created by BG Bridal Gallery to kick off the Chinese New Year, complete with all 12 zodiac signs. Chamoji is available on the App Store. Chamoji can be played on devices with the TrueDepth camera system (iPhone X).  It allows you to take photos and videos with different characters mimicking your facial expressions. Chamoji is a creative way of communicating, allowing you to express yourself freely—“be your own character”.

Expressing your feelings will no longer be a problem! By using Chamoji, you can maximize your facial expressions without feeling constrained. You can record anything from dancing, rapping, singing and showing off your style with Chamoji.

“Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chamoji! Don’t miss out or be the last to jump on the trend! BG will be continuously releasing additional unique characters soon!” says Yuki Wakiyama, Business Development Manager for BG.

Media Contact: 

Yuki Wakiyama
BG Bridal Gallery PTE Ltd.
Business Development Manager