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PATRON, a Japanese sharing economy platform for influencers all over the world, to launch premium ICO sale — With participation of David Cohen, one of the founding members of IOTA and the IOTA Foundation, and Francisco Jo, founder of Coinhills


Backed by the Japanese influencer-related company EXTRAVAGANZA, the PATRON, sharing economy for influencers worldwide, is to initiate a premium ICO sale.


EXTRAVAGANZA—whose mission is lead the Japanese IT industry by showing a presence in Silicon Valley, the holy land of IT—engages in software development related to influencers and ICO marketing support. From the successful promotion of KICKICO in Japan, the company began an ICO marketing support business in Japan. EXTRAVAGANZA has been supporting top-class ICO projects with clients such as TraDove, Pundi X, and CRYPTO 20.
Joining the PATRON-ICO team are David Cohen, already one of the founders of IOTA and the IOTA Foundation, and Francisco Jo, founder of Coinhills, who has served as advisor in numerous successful ICO projects.
In addition, EXTRAVAGANZA has been invited to speak at the Dubai International Blockchain Summit, the biggest event in blockchain, which will be held on January 8, 2018. EXTRAVAGANZA is one of only 35 companies invited to speak at the event.

Fundraising objectives
  1. Personnel costs associated with complex infrastructure platforms such as a PATRON app, DApp, etc., acquisition of resources, and advertisement/media costs in order to create the leading service in the global influencers market
  2. Establishment of Patron Inc. and expansion into Silicon Valley. Initial costs to establish Patron Inc.: Initial cost of mid-sized office contracts based in the West Coast Bay Area, California. Employment cost to hire excellent SE and UI UX designers
  3. Expenses required for securing midsize offices for influencers and future inflators, marketers, and engineers. (YouTube video studio, working space, lecture room)

PATRON issues an open source cryptocurrency called PATRON COIN (PAT). PAT is the common currency within the PATRON service area and is the basis for using various services in PATRON. PAT is to be introduced into the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.

Message from CEO Atsushi Hisatsumi

An influencer—whether YouTuber, blogger, or Instagrammer—is anyone who has a strong influence and voice on social media. I have been promoting influencer marketing since around 2013, longer than anyone in Japan, and have been acting as a leading influencer in Japan to expand the presence and value of influencers.
Over the past four years we have accumulated marketing skills using influencers and social media, namely, the ability to attract customers and selling power.
In addition, we are currently working on our ability to create better products.
I am the only Japanese entrepreneur to be acknowledged by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is the same age as me.
By developing and realizing influencer services using blockchain technology from sharing economies, starting with Japanese influencers, we can build a platform where influencers from around the world will gather.
We are a small but dedicated Japanese team that aims to leap forward and achieve dramatic results on the world stage.
Knowledge, academic background, personal connections—none of that matters.
With just an internet connection, a smartphone, and social media, even an unknown individual can make his or her dreams come true.
Through PATRON, we want nothing more than to deliver love, courage, and inspiration to children around the world.

Participation in ICO is as follows:

30% bonus during premium sale period


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EXTRAVAGANZA, whose mission is lead the Japanese IT industry by showing a presence in Silicon Valley, the holy land of IT, is an influencer-related company based in the United States.

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