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Sekisui House, Toshiba and Honda to Jointly Exhibit at SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013 during Tokyo Motor Show

TOKYO, Japan, September 19, 2013 – Sekisui House, Ltd., Toshiba Corporation and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. agreed to collaborate beyond the boundaries of industries and jointly exhibit at the SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013, an organizer-themed project to be held during the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 (organizer: the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.)

SMART MOBILITY CITY was first held in 2011, concurrently with the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show, with an aim to present “next-generation automobiles and surrounding social systems,” which enable the automobiles to continue fulfilling its role in a society with an increasing interest in the global environment and resource issues. SMART MOBILITY CITY 2011 created opportunities for a wide variety of companies, including those in the areas of housing, communications and materials, to exhibit for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show. This will be the second time the event is held.

Under the theme of “KURUMA NETWORKING – Vehicles connecting with people’s lives and society,” SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013, which will start from November 22, 2013 (open to the public from November 23, 2013), will showcase various subjects that will enable visitors to understand and realize the possibilities for automobiles to become an important part of social systems and networks and to create new industries and markets.

These three companies have already been collaborating beyond the boundaries of their respective industries in the area of a “smart community,” and this will be the first time for the companies to jointly exhibit at any shows or events. The exhibit will visualize the future forms of the “next-generation automobiles and surrounding social systems” unique to the three companies and propose the future of a smart community where people can enjoy further convenient, safe and comfortable lives.

< Current initiatives taken by the three companies >

  • Starting November 2013, Toshiba will provide its HEMS (home energy management system) products for the HEMS lineup that Sekisui House offers for new homes.
  • In an effort to create various functions in homes which will help people enjoy living over the course of their lifetime, Sekisui House and Honda are jointly verifying the possibilities for home use of robotics technologies as UNI-CUB.
  • Toshiba and Honda are participating in the demonstration testing of a smart home system which is a part of the E-KIZUNA Project run by the city of Saitama, Japan. The two companies are jointly conducting demonstration testing for the purpose of achieving optimal energy consumption and supply at smart homes.

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