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Hibp Enhances Japan Market Entry Support

August 15, 2013HIBP enhances the marketing research, market entry strategy, business partner search, company set-up support, and Japan local agency services. With the strength of Japan market insight, commitment to result, flexible agility, and professional service with reasonable price, HIBP supports entry into Japan.

[Marketing Research] HIBP provides Japan marketing research service covering various industries, such as IT, automobile, electronics, energy, distribution, finance, medical, constructions, etc. And, product, service, technology, company, and market are key categories of research. HIBP delivers customized service in accordance with clients’ needs and conditions.

[Market Entry Strategy] Based on the result of marketing research or internal study, HIBP can support planning Japanese market entry strategy. The entry pattern, business goal, target customer, product or service, differentiation point, marketing communication, and sales channel are usually investigated when considering entry strategy.

[Business Partner Search] When clients want to find business partners in Japan, HIBP is able to support finding them. Business partners, such as, to sell client’s product, to promote client’s product, to develop together, or to make joint venture, HIBP finds and proposes to clients.

[Company Set-up Support] If clients need to set up business in Japan, HIBP can support in lots of area. Company establishment, office contract, employee recruitment, Japanese homepage building, introducing legal company and English documents translation are examples HIBP delivers. Some services HIBP provides in cooperation with partners in Japan.

[Japan Local Agency] HIBP can manage client’s Japan branch as a local agency. Clients don’t need to take a business trip to Japan for a simple work. Thus, clients can save management cost of Japan business. HIBP can carry out sales, marketing, trade works, and customer support of client’s product and service.


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