ISO Jacket with Instant-Heat Tech Merges E-textile and Circular Fashion!

“Where American silver threads meet Japanese innovation: Introducing a jacket with a proven medical-grade heating system. The perfect blend of style and warmth.”

In September 2023, WILLTEX Corp announced the revolutionary fabric heater jacket “ISO”, accompanied by a product warranty. This innovative product is exceptionally warm, heating each thread in just one second! Perfect for winter fashion, outdoor activities, and protection during emergencies, ensuring both physical and emotional well-being! (Exchange/Failure rate: less than 0.01% as of September 2023/against 40,000 units sold)

Fusing Fashion and Warmth

The ISO thermal jacket adopts a revolutionary approach to traditional heating wire technology, blending simple design with advanced thermal technology. Overcoming design and material challenges in the fashion industry when integrating heating technology, ISO employs the unique”

Hotopia” heating fabric

. This new technology delivers a faster, more durable, and energy-efficient heating effect.

Revolution in Heating Technology

“Hotopia” is the name of the innovative heating fabric technology developed by our partner company, Sanki Consys.

Integrated into clothing and products, it emits warmth, ensuring an even spread of heat throughout the jacket.

Hotopia heating units offer flexibility, lightness, and consistent warmth, providing the ultimate defense against winter chills.

Superiority of Hotopia Technology

ISO’s heating units utilize Hotopia heating fabric developed by Sanki Consys, which offers better warmth, speed, elasticity, durability, and energy efficiency compared to traditional heating wires. A large 15×6 inch (40x15cm) back heater ensures even heat distribution, realizing non-invasive, natural heating technology.

High Durability and Convenience

ISO boasts superior durability; there’s no need to worry about malfunctions like with heating wires. Even if a section gets damaged, the rest continues to function normally. Easily control the heating by connecting a standard 5000mAh power bank via the magnetic port.

Furthermore,it can easily connect to any USB power bank

and offers a range of adjustable temperature settings. The design is also refined and versatile, suitable for both men and women in various settings. The jacket’s battery is conveniently placed in a dedicated pocket for easy access. Additionally, as a special accent, a replica magnetic port is equipped under the hood.

Ease of Use with Refined Design

Operating ISO is simple: connect a standard 5000mAh power bank to the inner magnetic port and press the magnetic terminal button to start heating. Switching between the four different heating levels is straightforward.

Durable Outer Layer

Our partner company, HAP, has designed a robust outer layer with exceptional water-repellency, oil-repellency, antimicrobial properties, deodorizing capabilities, and quick-drying features. The HOTOPIA® Fabric Heater has been honored with the 2022 Invention Grand Prize. Moreover, not just for its material properties, but through the COVEROSS® environmentally considerate comfort-functional material, HAP received the 2022 Prime Minister’s Award. This marks a pioneering achievement for a textile company in Japan.

WILLTEX Corp. is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter from September 13, 2023, drawing attention from backers and supporters. Stay tuned for further developments.

In January 2024, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest electronics exhibition, WILLTEX Corp. plans to showcase new products, including “ISO”. It’s a globally-watched platform, providing an ideal opportunity to connect with backers and establish partnerships.

ISO’s revolutionary features and design promise to redefine winter fashion for those seeking warmth and style. WILLTEX is committed to introducing ISO to fashion enthusiasts worldwide, aiming to reshape winter fashion with its exceptional warmth, stylish design, and innovative technology.

Call for Co-development Partners and Distributors:

WILLTEX Corp. continually plans and develops the ISO series every season. We also handle the manufacturing and sales of fabric heater units, as well as OEM and ODM production for e-textile products. We are actively seeking partners to bring this innovative technology and product to more people. If you’re interested, please contact us at the provided details or visit our website for more information.

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